Available models

IL5013.231S - Cut-off suspended lantern Led 24x1 W Symmetrical 4100 k
IL5013.232S - Cut-off suspended lantern Led 24x1 W Asymmetrical 4100 k


Conformity: EN 60598/1-2-3

Lantern made entirely in die-cast aluminium
screen in tempered satin finished glass.
Screws and other fasteners in stainless steel.

Technical characteristics:
Electrical insulation Class II
Protection rating IP 66

LED module 24x1 Watt on rectangular aluminum plate with symmetrical reflective lens diffuser 90 .
Electronic power supply 55 Vdc 500 mA d.c.
220/240 VAC 50/60 Hz, CT, power 40W.
Colour temperature 4100 k
Light output 3700 lumen

Suspended Gas joint.

Top sections

The following top sections can be installed on this model: