2070 S Glass

Available models

2070 E Glass - Without understep
2070 S Glass - With floral decoration understep


Spiral staircase in cast iron, diameter 160 cm, suitable for exterior and interior installation.
Modular design featuring a series of variable spacers allows all heights to be reached during installation see the references chart.
EACH STEP is composed of a cast iron tread decorated with geometrical and floral designs and a riser consisting in a cast iron cylinder.
The BALUSTRADE is composed of curved glass panels anchored to the steps by steel brackets and bosses, completely enveloping the staircase to highlight the decorations.
THE STANDARD TOP LANDING can be supplied with a circular, triangular e trapezoid.
Any handrail needed to protect the top landing (optional) is constructed from the same components used for the handrail of the staircase.
Standard color : grey.

Staircases are packed in wooden crates, dimensions 96X113 cm, h 57 cm.
The handrail (packed separately) is supplied in a spiral, diameter 140 cm.

Materials used:
- Lower flange cover, step front, tread, newel post, upper central column and standard top landing in cast iron
- Special top landings in steel
- Column core in galvanized steel
- Handrail columns in cast aluminium and steel
- Handrail in malleable extruded aluminium